Poetry We Bring, bringing you a better future away from drug dependence

Poetry We Bring is a program that was designed and built in order to bring love, joy and passion into the lives of those struggling with the horrid disease known as drug addiction and or alcoholism. We have partnered with hundreds of drug rehabs through out the United States including but not limiteds to Georgia, Louisianna, Florida, North and South Carolina and even New York! Poetry We bring has been doing this now for over 15 years, making drug abuse and alcoholism patients happier and a step closer to sobriety and beating that drug dependency once and for all! Poetry We Bring was first founded in 2002 opening doors for those who were rejected many times due to there drug addiction and alcohol use. You should’nt let your past or any of your past options define who you are or who you will become in the future. Only you can be the master of your own destiny. Drug abuse and alcohol dependence might have been a problem of the past but today you are a new person with goals and a new life. Let us help you get to where you really need to be in life.


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